Two types of resources are available: books and activity packs. These are written by Professor Valsa Koshy and Ron Casey, who have many years of both academic and practical experience of working with teachers, parents and children. The content of all the resources has been read and used by practitioners and proven to be motivating and cognitively challenging. The activities encourage higher levels of thinking and reflection in children which, in turn, should raise achievement and cultivate a culture of learning being fun and intrinsically rewarding and worthwhile.

Teachers, the resources will support you:

  • with your professional development by enhancing your understanding of the complex issues relating to gifted and talented education
  • by keeping you updated with both theory and research so that you can develop a robust framework of understanding and gain confidence to lead others
  • to help with the nurturing of your students’ special gifts and talents.


  • the books and resources should help you to identify your children’s special gifts and talents and acquire strategies for effective provision.

The resources you find on this website have been created by us. They are based on over 20 years of research and practical work with children who are gifted all-round or in specific areas.